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2018 is going to be very exciting as I introduce Admin Watch.

DWSEarner is going to be the Central Hub for all Bit Coin News and Earnings.


Be sure to add your DWSEarner Promotions at Our Admin Watch Advertising Portholes. 

In to win $$$ if YOUR Promotions are what I see the most of when I am surfing. 

Lots of Fab Prize Giveaways when surfing DWSEarner if you are a member with any of our Bit Coin Clubs.

The secret to my success is I have been using these portholes daily for advertising. 

I ONLY Promote 1-4 Core Programs.. Mine Are SFI, Traffic Marketer Pro DWSEarner and Maree Designs.

New Zealand.. Yes Legal The Reserve Bank of New Zealand states:
“Non-banks do not need our approval for schemes that involve the storage and/or transfer of value (such as ‘bitcoin’)

Maree Designs is a registered business in New Zealand.
Admin uses the block chain technology for paying all DWSEarner Bit Coin Club Members commissions or cash back rewards earned.
Incorporating Bit Coin + Ethereum + Bitcoin Cash based platforms..
As new forks open at Block Chain they are added to Our Bit Coin Portfolio’s


  Sign up to DWSEarner then be sure monthly to check emails for the new code to enter and to be in to Win Real Cash Paid to your Bitcoin Wallets.

  How Admin Watch Works.. I surf daily at all these sites..

When we have extra cash in our Bitcoin Cash Pool.. I activate Admin Watch Rewards.

When I am surfing when I see members promotions for DWSEarner they receive ONE POINT>.. 

The member with the most points at the END of the WEEK… WINS. 

So be sure to have credits added to your DWSEarner Promotions at Click Voyager, Social Surf 4 U, Banner and Bucks + Hot website traffic…

YOU earn commissions from all your team duplicating this system, if they decide to upgrade with any of these sites..

  MOST Important if not a member!  LOG into Maree designs and sign up to this sites VIA your SPONSORS Link.

When we have extra cash in our Bitcoin Cash Pool.. YOU will see via the DWSEarner Chat Bar when I activate it.

Next Join the sites that I have included with my Admin Watch Program.

Select the best traffic Package that suits your budget.

1…  DWSEarner Bitcoin Club.

2… Maree Designs Block Chain Club.

No time to surf? Our Dollar wise Club is the way to go.. Receiving Random spill over of orphan members.

Receiving Cash Back Rewards with Step Ladder Climbing.

“It’s when things get rough and you don’t quit that success comes.”

2… Maree Designs E Book + Traffic Marketer Pro Club.

Sign Up Free To Fiverr. Then return to purchase the GIG.

New Addition to Admin Watch in 2018.


Set up your Block Chain Wallet.. Click the banner and register.

Be sure to take note of your wallet address when signing up.

Select a strong password for your Bitcoin wallets.
Use 2-factor authentication
Backup your Bitcoin wallet

Security set with 2 step cell phone verification
Click Settings to set up.  Enable 2-factor authentication on the (security page.) CLICK
Add your full name and address etc.
2-Step Verification is then required when you next log in. GREAT SECURITY.
Enter the verification code generated by your phone ending in +xx x xxx xXXXX.
Authorize New Device
Please click the confirmation link in the email we just sent you.

This is a process that protects the security of your account.
GO to your email and verify your IP Address on your computer.
For a more detailed review about Bit Coin READ.

Send in a support ticket with your Wallet Addresses.

Bit Coin Wallet… Ether Wallet and Bit Coin Cash Wallet. Find instructions in the link above if unsure how to generate the wallet address. Commissions are paid to members wallets that are offering the cheapest fees for the month.

Only site I recommend to buy Bit Coin AT.

Daily Surfing Site Rewards..  DWSEarner. 




Maree Designs Block Chain Club members Win Double.

Weekly Prizes! Join a surf team at DWSEarner.

1st Place Team: Winners.       0.05 100/250/250/300
2nd Place Team: Runner Up. 0.02/20/100/100/100
Before logging out for the day claim your surfer rewards. All members receive a credit package.

If with any of our bitcoin clubs you will see a prize box with cash to redeem for surfing daily 100 Pages Then 200 Pages..

Check the surf chat bar for when I activate the Admin Watch.
When I log in on the day activated, I check the top three surfers and all three members win 0.50cents Bit coin Cash.

If they are with One of our Bit Coin Clubs.

Top Surfers.

Hot Website Traffic.. Life time member since 2010.. 

Gold Coins

You will earn a gold coin for every 150 sites you surf.
Trade these gold coins for banners or text links.
They do not expire and can be traded in at any time.

You have 1 Gold Coin:Your Gold Coin

You earn 1 Gold Coin for every 150 pages you surf.
Your next Gold Coin will be awarded in 82 clicks.


Keep an eye out when surfing for the VT G Badge.


Click Voyager. Life time upgrade 2010.


Click voyager was the very first affiliate program I joined in 2010 when recovering from Major surgery house bound and bored..  When surfing you will see this page.. Then simply click the letter you wish to insert…

ALSO remember! Click at the left Games & Contests. Click CV Slots and spin for every 50 pages viewed.

Click top Clickers to view.. Click CV League to redeem points into advertising credits.

Bucket of Banners Life Time Member since 2010.

GDI I joined in 2009..

But did not get serious about promoting until 2013...

Now I have generated thousands over the years..

This page is designed at GDI...

Using the simple Web Master Designer.