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Maree is the Co-founder and Developer of the Dollar wise Network, established 2009. 

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Watkins products.

American and Canadian Members Start shopping Today. 

My wife Donna and myself have been selling Watkins products for over 15 years.
They have mostly spices all natural like Vanilla Extract and Pepper and Cinnamon.
If you live in the United States and Canada.
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With learning how to operate a Mini-Office Outlet from the comfort of your home using your computer and a few hours daily.
I am a SFI Badge Quest Grand Master Elite.
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Maree Designs. Kiwi Fashion.

MOTTO!  No matter what shape or size you are. 

Everyone is entitled to look great.

Specialist for the fuller figure.

No factory productions here. Each garment is individually cut then sewn.
I provide unique garments with that individual quality.
Stand out in the crowd, in a classic Maree Designs Garment.

Founding member with Trade Me.  Maree Designs.