Activate Commissions

DWSEarner is not your usual Traffic Exchange. We are unique in our design.

Using the LFMTE script to gather all my customers from the numerous online opportunities I am with.

This is where I generate client user names.
So I can list all commissions owed at the one location.
Listing fab prize giveaways to all my members that are directed to our One Stop Working Communication Work Station.

How to Grow Your List and Income Year In Year Out?

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Newbies Need Look No Further... 

When joining all the down line programs they will have similar requirements.

SFI Traffic Wave GDI Web Talk Etc.  Log into the back office and view the instructions.


A-Z Business Set Up!  Activates Premium With Fiverr Gig Purchase..


Free members cash winnings are converted into advertising.

Receive Client Cash Back Rewards with all sales made at the Fiverr Store.


Working on line can be a very dangerous business if you do not know what you are doing.

YOU do not want people hacking your account. SO Please Read this entire article.

Then go and update your passwords so you are participating safely on line.


I use 3 small letters 2 numbers 2 Symbols and 2 Capital letters when generating New Pass Words.

1… Use a different password for your Bank Accounts.

2… Use a different password for Pay Pal.

3… Use a different password for G Mail.

4… Use the same password at all the affiliate programs.  (Only established ones)

5… New Launches Or New sites you are testing. USE a different password.

As there are dishonest sites that launch just to steal members passwords to clean out their PayPal accounts. OR cash earned at their Core Businesses.

YES this happened to me at SFI in 2012. Before I set up this Plan. I joined a new launch using the same Password I used at SFI.

They kicked me out of My Gmail account before I had set up my G mail Security.

They logged into SFI and changed my payment info to be paid to a Bogus Pay Pal Account. Luckily SFI reimbursed me my lost commissions.

  Adding your photo Via Gravatar!

Adding your photo Via Gravatar.
If you already are a member with gravatar. YOU do not need to join again.
Add the same email address at DWSEarner to activate your photo.
Not a member!  Click the link to register FREE.
Make sure to sign up with the same email account you used at DWSEarner.

  Setting up Profile for Surf Chat Bar.

Log into DWSEarner Click above Accounts then Click Profile  Page Settings.

Here is my example. Be sure to add your Profile link to ADDS at DWSEarner.

http://www.dwsearner.com/ profile.php?p=78

Add your entire link for Facebook and Google.

When participating in the surf chat. CLICK Members names to view their profile connecting with them at Facebook…

One Team One Vision One Goal....
DWSEarner Team Builds Maree Designs Members for you on Auto Pilot...
Maree Designs Pays commissions owing around the 10th of each month.


Receive Free Training on how to use Social Media, traffic exchanges and other business opportunities to build a Leads Base Of New Clients.

NO FAILURE ZONE! As as a Team we all promote the same link at the same site on the same days.

No member is left out in the cold. Confused or Dazed. As we all follow the same plan.


Proven and Paying our members for years. 

Introducing all our team to our down line builder at Maree Designs. 

Ask in the surf chat bar at DWSEarner for other members links.

It shows they are active and willing to support members.

Dollar Wise Daily Planner

Dollar Wise Monthly Action Plan


RULES  WITH ALL SITES With in our Dollar Wise Network.
YOU must show a real photo on your profile page to show you are a real person.

Use the same email address at https://gravatar.com to generate your photo.

ONCE $500 is earned you will need to register to receive future payments. This is a requirement with NZ Laws.

Copy to your Computer fill in the information and send it back via a support ticket or

Email Address mb5681@gmail.com

Your Username:  

*First Name:

*Last Name:

*Email Address:

*Phone Number:

*Mailing Address:

Address Line 2:    

Zip/Postal Code:    

Primary Phone:    

New Zealand IRD Number. ( Required for all New Zealand Residents.)

Social Security Number. (Required for ALL World Wide Membership)

Bitcoin Wallet Address :

Oru User Name to receive any Fab Prize payments paid to your My Funds Account:

New Zealand Residents may have their commission paid to their Kiwi Bank Account.

New Zealand Bank Account Number:

EASTER SPECIAL. Double marketing campaigns with all Gig Purchase.
** FREE Admin Watch Points WITH EVERY PURCHASE **
Shout outs for individual business promotions in my Weekly Newsletters.

In To Win Monthly with SELLING MY Fiverr Gigs and ECA STORE Packages.
http://www.abc4income.com/ splashpage2.php?ref=adminsite

View the Top Surfer Competition below. Same Prize List.

View Competition SPLASH link above,  change my user name to yours.
THEN BLAST it At all the down line builder programs listed in the back office.

Start your business branding today at ABC4Income.
Premium includes designing of the video you see on the Gig Page.
With your business branding promotions inserted.
Hosted Free at our Community U Tube Kiwi Talk Channel.


Lock in yours today.  I do all the advertising on Auto Pilot.
When your referrals see THIS offer and LOCK in.
BOOM, you just site back and receive CASH BACK REWARDS.
Paid to your block chain wallet which you can then transfer to your bank account.
(If your country is listed.)  
OR use your bitcoin to upgrade at our other advertising portholes listed in the down line builder porthole.

Listen to the Video On How To Set up your Sales page
listing 5 down line builder programs you wish to recommend.

Return over Easter and Purchase more marketing campaigns.

Stock piling  double campaigns before the OFFER EXPIRES>

Check all emails for Admin Watch random CASH winner rewards and spot prize giveaways.

Lock in your Fiverr Traffic View Gig to activate Premium and receive Fab Cash Rewards for participation.

View where you are positioned in Our New Surfers Competition.

Premium members win the cash paid to their bitcoin wallet or Oru My Funds Account.

Free members win the cash value redeemed into advertising at DWSEarner.

Most Surfed.    3 Monthly Competition. April - July.


A member's Promo Wall will be added to the Admin Promo Wall

After they meet one of the following conditions:
Surfed 350 Pages.   Received 400 hits to their own promotions.

I promote daily at all the sites you see listed at the down line builder program.
Sharing new orphan signups with our Dollar Wise club team leaders.

Check all emails for when I check who has promoted their Promo Wall the most in any given day.

In to win random cash giveaway.

Lets see you on the inside daily chatting in the DWSEarner Surf Chat Bar.

Activate Dollar Wise Club Entry.


ACTIVATES Santa Club At Facebook Fab Prize Giveaways.


Dollar Wise Network Introduction.

Dollar Wise Club  How to play progressive jackpot etc,

DWSEarner V1 Newbie set up  add to home page.

DWSE V2 Setting up Social Blog.

TEAM Leader Referral Support..  Fast Track Members.

Into our Bitcoin Down line Club to reward your team for participation. 


NEW and Improved Down line Club for our Traffic Marketer Pro Clients.
Simply... increase your money with Bitcoin. It's much easier than it looks!.

REVEALED: How To Sell Dozens Of "Fiverr Gigs" Every Day
WITH simply introducing The Fiverr Store to all your clients.
I do all the donkey work sending these email newsletters.
Boom when any of your referrals lock in any recommended package.
BOOM Fab Cash Back Rewards earned on auto pilot.

Aim High! Dream Big! Make it HAPPEN>
Join our Bitcoin club. Fast track earnings today.

OTHER Ways to activate our Bitcoin Club.

Convert Commissions into Entry at DWSEarner.
Click above Ads >> Buy Credits,  Click Pay with Commissions.
Reinvesting your Cash Back Rewards. Leveraging more income at TMP.

Pay with Bitcoin at the Offer you will see at Traffic Marketer Pro.

Fast track earnings, 100% Cash Back Rewards.

Cash back rewards paid to members Bitcoin Wallets.

Then transfer bitcoin at Block Chain to your BANK ACCOUNT>

All new members are placed under an active Down line club team leader.

Your sponsor may be different from your TMP Or DWSEarner Sponsor if they have not locked in.

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500 Traffic View credits added to your account.
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30 Progressive Jackpot tokens added manually at DWSEarner.
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Fast Track Step Ladder Climbing.
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Pay it forward for Three. Fast track bonus 100% of all first time client purchases.
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Receive double tokens if purchase more that one package monthly.
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EARN 30% commissions from all referral purchases.
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Participate daily with Admin Watch, redeeming points from all spending.
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Lock into DWSEarner FREE If Not already a member. Sign up via your sponsors link listed in the down line builder program.
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Check emails for all updates and fab prize giveaways.
Your $15 investment could easily generate more than $225 monthly