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Sites change with the wind. I start investing with these bitcoin sites. Over the next three months I reinvest my earnings. Building up my income while advertising daily. I then withdraw my investment.  That way if a site does crash and burn, I have been in profit with not having to pay for my daily advertising.

  A Picture tells a thousand words..

Use the same email address at https://gravatar.com to generate your photo.

  Daily Work Schedule To Follow.

Start each day surfing at Maree Designs and Trafficmarketerpro.


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SFI Training porthole. I share random SFI new members with all our team I see advertising. Read a few articles And Listen to a new videos daily.

  Daily I Start with checking all my emails, sending all unknown emails to my spam folder.  I reply to all emails welcoming all new members to our family of sites. 

I check all ECA Store Purchases and ACTIVATE THEM .

If in my SFI team I go and reassign some new PSA as my way of saying thanks for their support.

I log into the back office at Maree Designs, ABC4Income, AdExchangeCommunity, and TMP. 

Activating manually all members advertising campaigns they have listed.

Daily Earning At  Crypto Jam.          http://youtu.be/L56Nri0wITY

    Bitcoin Set Up.                        http://www.dollarwise.ws/BitCoin

   Give our face book page a like and check in often to our groups for news.












Click the banner and view my blog articles. Use as examples to design your blog.

I use GDI to design all my training pages you see..




I login to site back offices, sending communication updates to all my down line at all the sites you see listed in our down line builder.

  "Do not be lured away from our daily work schedule."

REMEMBER The Reason YOU ARE SURFING  Is to create credits to promote  Maree Designs, Traffic Marketer Pro and ABC4Income.

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   If you still have spare time.

Log into the down line builder programs and go and do more promotions.

  Find all the training videos at my U Tube Channel.


Be sure to subscribe FREE to my channel. Keeping updated with all new videos I design.

These videos may not be sold or shared outside our Dollar Wise Network.

   Every Friday I check and accept all Easy Hit New Connection Requests.

I check my sites have credits assigned to them.

Design YOUR FREE Splash Pages then promote them throughout Easy Hits 4 U. 


I log into the back office at Traffic Wave and send a message to my team.

I check my campaigns and update my newsletters when neccessary.


I send my Skrill commissions to my New Zealand Bank Account.

Listen to the video.  http://youtu.be/fL02NStU_uc

This is how I have built my Sales Funnel, upgrading with new programs monthly.

Re Investing My Commissions.  Designing my Unique Plug Ins and Coop Opportunities.

Not bothering to follow Serial Admin.  ( Owners that keep launching new programs every few months.) They are not interested in their members well being.

They are only interested in lining their own pockets with other peoples cash.

The main thing to be aware of is that there are a lot of con artists on line.

ALWAYS do a google search before joining programs. Do not accept all face book requests.

Click the members name first and read their profile page. I only accept around 2% of friend requests.



Think of your first 6-12 months primarily as a training period. Build this into your plan.

Before working from this page be sure to add your Id's at the down line builder program at TMP, ABC4Income, and Maree Designs.

I Promote my Splash pages designed at Traffic Wave Capturing Email Addresses.



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GDI Set up Is optional.   Using the Domain Provider to design your Referral Support Web Page.

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http://website.ws/kvmlm2/index .dhtml?sponsor=kiwitalk&templa te=13

View http://www.dollarwise.ws  Feel FREE to Duplicate changing my links to yours.

Members asked so I designed this social media package at my ECA Store.


If with SFI this is the plan I follow Daily.  http://www.kiwitalk.ws/DailyToDo

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I Started Years ago building my sales funnel to blast my promotions. Goal setting for the Future.

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Promote one link ABC4Income Generating income with numerous online opportunities.





  Half an hour daily sends cash your way.  Daily I log into the social media portals and blast my posts. Once a week I write new articles and share videos in these articles.

Connect with me at Instagram &TikTok mareedesigns.

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In the days of old  I use to spend a fortune with shop expenses, TV and Magazine Advertising etc.

NOW I save thousands in expenses yearly with transferring my Maree Designs business plan Online.
My Monthly investment I started in 2009 joining GDI, has generated thousands of dollars in Affiliate commissions, while simply supplying my Blue Print Training articles with all my team.

So Simple! Duplicate all my training pages using the easy web master designer in the back office at GDI. 

Traffic Marketer Pro. Click at the left Special Offer Two to activate monthly Santa Club Entry.

Quick start your income with locking into our Santa Club in the back office.

Post Covid so many sites have disappeared.  I do not join any new sites launches.

I check into this page Weekly  http://www.dollarwise.ws/DailyRemotePlan



Admin Watch                       http://youtu.be/LVY1-aGIA_w

Tik Tok Magic                      http://youtu.be/FR9Nl_vmBT0

Redeem Rewardicals SFI         http://youtu.be/OOA23pj7iIk

SFI Daily To Do                         https://youtu.be/G1YmGzs_4lU

My network intro                      http://youtu.be/RD_LZHs4DmE
santa club at facebook             http://youtu.be/oe-AtQo-eJQ

View Winners Here             http://www.facebook.com/groups/DWSEarnerShopping

G Mail set up                       http://youtu.be/amxM4U4dy-k
Kiwitalk                               http://youtu.be/NkPfNASTCIs
Covid Reboot Plan             http://youtu.be/gKx35s8X2pI



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"Matthias B. Klein  Says"
A damn good Splash Page...
I've seen 100s of Pages promoting GDI;

THIS one is the best and they finally got me...  Feb 24, 2016.








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