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Dollar Wise Club!

Members that helped launch GDI, SFI Traffic Wave Etc generate a huge income online TODAY>>> Sadly I missed it. BUT not with Oru.   Signing up Feb 11th 2019.
Nothing to lose everything to gain.

Enter in the search bar at Oru Social Maree Wells.
Click the Request Friend Button. Join Our Group Dollar Wise.

Let me guide and share with you my knowledge gained over the past 10 years associated with affiliate marketing success on how to generate  a real income online.

You are not going to make money flicking here there and everywhere.
One time payment life time income.


This online training blue print series I have designed, will keep you highly accountable and is easily adapted to fit  into any life style. You select the hours you wish to work.

Make sure to open all the emails you will receive.

Read the information and follow the instructions in each training article.

Your actions and participation will determine your success and earnings. 

View Copy Succeed. Start building the foundation of a working program from the ground up. Forming new branch extensions as you progress forward. 

By the end of the series you should be quite the expert.

Knowing all their is to know about affiliate market, team building and generating passive income with numerous working from home programs.

Listen to the Video On How To Set up your Sales promotion page
listing 5 down line builder programs you wish to recommend.

ABC Cloaker and Rotator Set up.

ABC4Income  DailyToDo

REMEMBER never copy and paste your add over.   Always design it first.

What is BETTER than 1,000 active referrals?

5-20 CURRENT referrals in your Dollar Wise Down Line Club Team Builder Advertising Portholes.
The Dollar Wise Team system works far better than going it alone.
It gives both you and your referrals a method to establish an affiliate business through team work.
Are you currently going nowhere with Affiliate Marketing? Hop on board our Club Express.

It's time to move past the hype and nonsense about getting rich overnight!
Let's plug you in to our team and show you how to CREATE a 5 Figure Income Online.
Admin watch is activated with any purchase made at my Fiverr or ECA Store.
When you set up the down line builder advertising porthole at DWSEarner.
When any of your team upgrade within our Network you will start to see your earnings explode.
GDI pay via paypal or cheque 5 Levels deep.
SFI pay via master card or paypal with team over rides.
Oru pay via Debit Card with Oru share rewards weekly.

The earning potential is beyond your wildest dreams.
This is how I am generating a five figure income. Year In Year Out.

Be Sure To Give our Facebook Page A Like.   Check in often.

I reward all my Fiverr clients for supporting and sharing my Fiverr Store Online.

The ultimate service provider for everything required to generate a real income online.
Put me to work for you Designing your GDI Introduction pages.
My team are using these pages to easily post at Web Talk.

I record all Cash Back Rewards on The Members Commission Page at DWSEarner.

Be the first of thousands that will be using My Blueprint to generate a real income online.

Unleash the power of Immediate, repeat and expanding bitcoin income.
Share A Piece of the pie in A Multi-Million Dollar Bit-Coin Industry...
YOU could generate thousands of dollars Year In Year Our.

To all SFI and GDI Members that got confused So Left.  We Want YOU BACK.

SFI Down Line Club!

I invested my commissions launching ABC4Income in 2016, as my One Stop Down line Builder and training Port Hole for everything SFI Related.

Premium activates SFI Leadership subscription with complete ABC4Income set up in the back office.

Once purchased send me your User Name and password with SFI Id number, so I can log into the back office at ABC4Income and set up your profile etc.





If you would like your own training web page like this.

Join A Global Domain Guru's Team!  Member with GDI Since 2009.

Lock in this gig at my Fiverr Store. I will design this page changing my links to yours. 

After Purchasing please send me your GDI log in Details. Adding Request for down line builder page duplication and send me your gateway link to DWSEarner.

Sign up to Maree Designs to generate The Same User Id for all our Down line Club entries.

I log in after all Fiverr Gig Purchases and send their MD team leader the bitcoin cash back to their bitcoin wallets on auto pilot.

Welcome To Dollar Wise!    Aim High!   Dream big!  Make It HAPPEN!

I am An Online Entrepreneur & Mentor for everything affiliate marketing related.
I share my enthusiasm with thousands of individuals daily that follow my blueprint for working online from home. I offer great down line builder clubs.

There is a simple, effective way to Start Business Branding!   Generating Sales, & Signups.
It is automatic once you lock in your dollar wise gig at the fiverr store.

Setting up your  Sale Home Pages FOLLOWING the instructions you will receive with our Boot Camp Email Training Series. KEEP an EYE OUT for the EMAIL you will receive with the link inserted.
I promote our Dollar Wise Leaders Promo Wall and Mini Branders FREE throughout our Dollar Wise Network.
The software I have developed does the donkey work for you... 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Leader ship Club Rewards.

All Dollar Wise Fiverr Clients receive 30% Cash Back Rewards from all share dollar wise gigs you sell to new clients.  My way of saying THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT>

20% of all sales are added to our Monthly Leadership Cash Pool Kitty.

How to confirm your Leadership Reward Shares With OUR Leadership Cash Pool Kitty.
YOU must have an active subscription for the current month, plus placed an order the Previous month.

This then activates Dollar Wise Leadership Rewards.
RECEIVE reward share dividends  monthly FROM our Leadership Cash Pool Kitty.

Business Brander Set UP. 

If you have an active Share Dollar Wise Gig.

Every time you purchase the business brander gig, which includes traffic View Campaigns at ABC4Income. YOU RECEIVE ANOTHER Leadership Reward Share.

NO LIMITATIONS the more Gigs you Purchase the more monthly REWARD shares you accumulate.   ( Shares wind back to O at the beginning of each NEW MONTH.)


Santa Club At Facebook.

How to confirm your FACE Book Santa CLUB Shares WITH OUR Cash Pool Kitty.

I inject 10% from all the sales made from my Dollar Wise Gig into our Santa club cash back rewards for Xmas Distribution. YOU must have an active subscription for the current month, plus placed an order the Previous month.  Every month your shares carry over to the new month. Then on the 15th Of Dec I share the cash saved in our Santa Club Cash Pool Kitty with all our Santa Club leaders at Facebook.

Check your email around the 20th of December for our Santa Club Winners.

Enter Promo Code SantaClub at DWSEarner to enter our Random cash giveaways at Xmas.

Check in often at  face book (link is on the splash page) for competitions and cash back rewards.

Years ago I set my Goal and target to save the deposit to buy my own house.

Today Feb 15th 2019 I just achieved that goal buying a new home with Bryan.
So yes Dreams can be achieved.  There were many hurdles in the beginning.
I treated all my mistakes as learning curves as I ventured forward. Learning from all my mistakes and sharing with my team how to generate a real income online.

The key is to stick to ONE Plan and Follow that Plan Day In Day Out. Year In Year Out.

Revamped ready for 2019 Power House training and earning.

As a community we all promote DWSEarner Gate Way Links at the down line builder sites you see listed in the back office at our Family Network Of Sites.  Leveraging our income with the numerous online opportunities you will see listed at our Individual Down Line Builder Portholes with each site.

Check This Out.!

10 Years On Line And Still Going Strong.
New Zealand Residents receive cash back Rewards Via Internet Banking.
World Wide Members paid to Bitcoin Wallet

I do the investing for our community to start earning.

Saving members the set up Costs which can run into thousands of $$$ designing and hosting. 

I pay the yearly domain fees for the 4 sites. Plus Monthly Hosting Costs.
MOST IMPORTANT! I pay $169 yearly for MacFee Security. So when I am surfing they will alert me to untrustworthy sites. I then share this knowledge to stay away, via the life surf chat bar at DWSEarner.

YOU SIMPLY Resell My Pre Made Website Software!

Introducing OUR Family Network OF SITES ONLINE>  FREE.



Sign up enter your credit card details to activate your debit card.
Or leave blank and explore the Oru back office FREE.

Activate membership into our Down line Club at the Oru Market Place.
Earning 30% commissions from all client referrals.

Send in support ticket on how you wish to receive your earnings.

1..  Bitcoin Wallet.   SEND Bitcoin Wallet Address.
2..  New Zealand Residents. Online internet banking NZ Account.



Email Marketing!

Leaders leading by example.

Introduce our Different clubs via emails to your team.

Changing my name to yours etc.

Update News for our Dollar Wise Network from Maree.
Founder and developer. Established 2009.
Sit Back and Reap the Rewards.
I send these newsletters out on a regular basis.
When any of your team purchase via my Fiverr Store.
BOOM Cash Back Rewards Earned. Listed at the one location DWSEarner.

Join Our  Bitcoin club.
Receive reassigned members at TMP

Join Our Dollar wise club.

Members are reshuffled to active team leaders with the same sponsor at  Maree Designs and DWSEarner..

ABC buy leverage package campaigns.
 EASTER SPECIAL. Double marketing campaigns with all Gig Purchase.
** FREE Admin Watch Points WITH EVERY PURCHASE **
In To Win Using ABC4Income for all your business branding requirements.
In To Win Monthly with selling The Most Fiverr Gigs and ECA Packages.
Receive reassigned members At ABC4Income.

Start leveraging your income today receiving 30% cash back from all your client sales.
New Zealand Residents receive cash back Rewards Via Internet Banking.
Click reply to this email and register your Kiwi Bank Details.
World wide members receive bitcoin paid to their wallets.

Then transfer to your local bank accounts, if your wallet provider allows.
Click reply to this email and register your bitcoin wallet address.

NEW Information for Traffic Wave Members.
Traffic Wave Members join Skrill to receive commissions.
Then log into Traffic Wave Click my edit/review my account.
Click Payment options and add Skrill as your payment option.

Get your video designed with activating Premium HERE>
After purchasing. Send Maree an email for which video you would like designed.
SFI duplicating Josephs. Give our page a like at our kiwitalk U tube Channel.
OR dollarwise network duplicating video you see on the gig page.
Inserting four power points for your business introduction.
Free hosting at our U Tube Channel.
Lets see your video listed in the next members shout out newsletter.
Cheers Maree.