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How Our Down Line Club Works..

I team ABC4Income with SFI & DWSEarner.

Listen to the video.                    https://youtu.be/mDS1rYkq4qY

Start with setting up your links at ABC4Income.

Click Edit details add your Photo and social media links.

Text Add Example.
Easy Cash 4 Adds. Auto promoting for GDI and SFI

Click Edit links add your 5 core programs + Banners.. 
Button Banners I recommend. Just copy and paste.
https://www.tripleclicks.com/XXX Replace XXXX with your SFI Id. http://sfibanners.csidn.com/banner448.gif

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My Dollar Wise Network Consists of  4 "Instant Commission" Traffic Resources!

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If in my SFI team receive random PSA spillover.

Send in a Support Ticket at DWSEarner Or Send an email to    mb5681@gmail.com

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View instructions on how to set up your Block Chain Wallets Here.


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Sharing all New Sign Ups With My Teams.

How It Works.!

Down Line Club .

YOU need to lock in if you do not want New Members signing up Reshuffled to Other Team Leaders.

Example! The Red Man is YOU> Lets give YOU the name JOE>
The First Sign up Lets call him BOB and he is in your down line..
Your receive Cash Back Rewards when Joe locks into our Down line Club Via My Fiverr Store..

YOU also EARN From All Bob's Purchases if you are upgraded with ANY of Our Down line builder programs listed at ABC4Income.

The Man in the middle Locks into our Down Line Club Lets call him TOM>
His DWSEarner Sponsor has not locked into our Club.
SO he has no sponsor
Tom will be randomly reassigned to one of Our Club Members down line at all Our Sites if they have signed up .

It could be YOU it could be Bob. 

Nice surprise as they will receive the commissions from all his future purchases.

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Power of duplication and community participation.

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Step Ladder Rewards!

Members must be in your DWSEarner Or ABC4Income Down line.

Receive 10% Cash Back from sharing and selling any Basic Gig.

• Receive 15% Cash Back from sharing and selling any Standard Gig.

• Receive 20% Cash Back from sharing and selling any Premium Gig.

• Enter Promo Code "FiverGig" To Win Random Prizes Monthly.

• For Every 2 Members YOU refer Monthly THAT Lock into our Down Line Club …
Cash Back Reward $2.00..
• When ANY 2 of your Level One members Refer Two Members Each ..
Cash Back Rewards $4.00..
• No Limit to rewards Monthly..

The more you refer and Cross Promo Surf at DWSEarner and ABC4Income the higher the Cash Back Rewards.

START Earning for infinity… Making this a long term project..
The Remaining commissions after Administration Fees, are put into the Cash Pool Kitty for Admin Watch Winners at DWSEarner..








$2 For First League

+ $4.00 For Second League.