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Login to Facebook or Create an account if you do not have one.


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Always Check MEMBERS PROFILES FIRST before accepting Friend REQUESTS> I keep my main face book page seperate from my affiliate marketing network.

I keep my Personal Account seperate to My Business I operate with my Facebook pages and Groups I have designed.

I share my Facebook account with friends and Family. I operate from my Home Page. (View Picture Above.) I share posts from my Home Page to My Maree Designs Facebook personal Page.
Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world.
With over 500 million users, the marketing potential is huge.
Your friends, family, peers and colleagues all reside here - your biggest fans!
Facebook is great because it is easy for your followers to share your website or blog with a simple click which can increase traffic to your site.
View a few of my pages I have designed at Face Book.

I enter my page links at all website profile pages. Example at SFI I enter my SFI Page.

YOU do not want every Tom Dick and Harry connecting with your. THERE are WAY to Many Scammers.

When you are viewing connection Requests.

ALWAYS go and check the persons Home Page FIRST.. Only accept the connection if they are a real person with a real photo, cover interesting topics etc. You will see the Icons at the top far right light up when you have messages or friend requests.

Setting up a Group.

Click the home tab. At the left  Scroll down to where it reads at the very bottom of the page.

Create!   ( Click the word Group)  Ad · Page · Group · Event · Fundraiser

A Page will open. Take your time filling in the information.  Then at the bottom RIGHT Click CREATE.

Give your group a name.  Make sure the name is distinct and simple, if it is too complicated, no one will ever find it and your membership in the group will be limited. Invite your friends by selecting them from your current friend list or typing their name into the box that is provided. Describe your group in the "Description" area.

Be very specific, as keyword searches will match anything you have written in this text box.

Click the word settings.

( See I have run a black circle around the word so you can find it.)

Fill out the contact information. You may decide to enter things like street address and telephone number in the description, or you can just set up a Facebook email for your group.
Choose your privacy settings. By creating an open group, anybody on Facebook will be allowed to see posts and join the group. A closed group will allow only invited members to see posts or join, but anyone on Facebook will be able to search the group. A private group means that only those invited will see the group, including all its members and posts.
You can also take this time to choose the membership approval and posting permission options.  Click "Save".

Roll over the top bar of the group. Click on the image of a Photo in the top right and choose "Upload photo."

Find the photo on your computer click Open. Then continue with all the steps. If you are struggling have this link open for reference.








Start with typing some key words for your group idea in the "Search" box in the left hand column.
You'll want to see whether or not you've actually had an original idea before you create your group.
Also, make sure it is something other people would know about and gain interest.

REMEMBER the purpose of your group is for listing interesting topics, explaining your daily events. Offering rewards for customer support etc.

Do not go in guns blazing and duplicating your group posts. Keep your group interesting.

A More Comprehensive Explanation can be found here.

Have this link open in a second browser window.

VIEW some of my Groups as Examples. Request to join.






Face Book is a great Social Media Platform. FREE to use. 

That Is More Targeted And Less Expensive Than Paying to use Google Ad Words etc?  This is how I get ranked FREE no cost when people do a google search.

EG  Google search Maree Designs. Dollarwise etc.

Follow my Step by Step Guide on how to create a successful online marketing and advertising Network using  Facebook Groups Etc.

After Reading My Review about Facebook You Will Know
                                    How To:

  Create and Run Targeted Facebook Advertising Campaigns Create Great Facebook Pages or Groups For Your Business
  Design Your Facebook Ads Create Effective Landing Pages
  Advertise Your Facebook Pages Advertise Using Facebook News Feed
  Create and Advertise Your Events On Facebook Create Your Facebook Place
  Understand how Sponsored Stories work How to create Facebook Offers
  Work with Facebook Badges Use Facebook Social Plugins
  Create the Facebook Like Button for Your Website or Blog Avoid Common (and Costly) Online Advertising Mistakes

This is how I team build Maree Designs DWSEarner and ABC4Income on Auto Pilot.