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Let me introduce myself!
My Name is Maree Wells. I live in Christchurch New Zealand.

Welcome..  My story is this.  Nothing to something within a few years. 

I started my Affiliate Journey in 2009 as a hobby.. While recovering from Major Surgery.

Find some interesting articles I have written here... 


Due to a major earthquake in 2011.

I lost my business my home, my life went into a complete melt down for a few years.  

I had signed up with GDI as the domain provider in 2009. 

So luckily I was earning commissions in the back ground while I relocated and started to restructure my online businesses. 

I reactivated my SFI & Triple Clicks  + Traffic Wave Accounts in 2013. 


I Decided to Turn My Hobby Into A Second Income Resource With Affiliate Marketing.

I started to Save My Commissions to buy my own Scripts in the future.

My GOAL was to supply A One Stop A-Z Training and Earning Work Station.

DWSEarner (2015)  ABC4Income (Start of 2016) Maree Designs (End of 2016)

It took a few years to Reach The Goals I had Set.. But I stuck to my Plan.

I Started To Research Affiliate Marketing. Setting Goals and designing My New Business Plan.

Investing thousands of dollars and hours on how to start generating numerous different income Resources, while promoting my 5 Main Core Programs.

Deciding not to open another shop, instead  transferring my store online, using affiliate marketing programs to generate a Client Base with repeat sales..

I then turned my sights to setting up a Network for my team to generate numerous different income resources. While promoting their Main Businesses..

In 2013 I Started Investing in Bit Coin crypto currency using block chain technology.
Then in 2017 I designed our Bit Coin Crowd Fundraising Opportunity..

So all our community can start building their Bit Coin Portfolio's  Saving for Retirement.


Dollar Wise Was A Simple Idea that I Decided to structure into a Working Program.

Originally I Used GDI for the Domain.. To design my Dollar Wise Network..

Recording all I did to refer back to OFTEN. Building my Own Reference Library.

As I broadened my knowledge, my commissions and down lines began to grow over the years.

Yes I soon found a Cloud with a Gold lining as I explored the wonders of On line Marketing.

I turned A disaster Into A New Hope and Journey... Now saving myself thousands of dollars yearly.

When I owned My Store My Monthly Budget in advertising the old way, Via TV, advertising in Magazines, Running my Markets in the weekends etc was around $850 Monthly..  My Weekly Rent Was $600 . NOW I simply Run My Business From Home.. Saving on all these Costs.

My Overheads now are a fraction of the price..

As I use Affiliate Marketing to generate Numerous Different Income Streams.


My Dollar Wise Network… OFFERS Great reward incentives for supporting Our Members On Line  Store Venture throughout our Dollar Wise Network..

Connecting Sellers With Buyers and Advertisers.
Building Our Down lines with 5 Core Programs –  Generating Traffic – Earning Commissions –
Branding ourselves. Using Social Media Free Outlets.

I share the income from the advertising spots members purchase throughout our Dollarwise Network of sites. Designing my Fab Prize Giveaways..

I have over 25 years experience designing my classic range of designer clothing.
I simply put my Business Plan Blue Print I use into Building and Designing my Affiliate Business Online.
The MAIN REASON most people fail online is due to the fact that this very important element is missing:    Skills and Hard Work.  Our  Dollar Wise Network REMOVES this.
Almost all of the online opportunities are perfect.
Most CAN generate an income for you.
But there is only one little problem: All of the online opportunities require
 “Team Work”  “Honest Leaders.” “Payments”  “Guide Lines To Follow”
That means it’s NOT enough for you to too simply sign up, sit back and wait for the cash to roll in..   YOU need to be WORKING with your  team.

Why Choose Us?

I have designed a Great Affiliate program where all our members World WIDE can start generating a real income on line with following Our Dollar Wise Blue Print.
I have Designed A Great affiliate program that pays Via Payza, & Bitcoin.

Our Down Line Builder Sales Funnel Generator Programs pay via Numerous different payment providers. Some With Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin and SFI provides Payoneer Master cards With The SFI Triple Clicks Program.
I supply Back Office Video Training, Word Press Articles, Facebook Groups. All the tool required to start your ONLINE JOURNEY TODAY!  Avoiding all the scams and false hype online.
Every Wednesday I go to my local mall.  Using the local ATM to withdraw my SFI commissions. The American dollars transfers into nearly double kiwi cash.
We are a Community Of Like Minded Individuals.. All with the same goals and desires HOW to GENERATE A Real Income ONLINE...
Upgrade at Maree Designs and earn Commissions 2 Levels Deep - Unlimited Width - ! Huge Income Generator.  Earning 40% all from all Level One Members.. & 30% Commissions from all Level Two Members.  The longer you keep your subscription active the higher the rewards.. Imagine if 10 of your referrals upgraded then 20 of there referrals upgraded..  YOU could be earning thousands MONTHLY>..


I received this email Via LFMTE Years Ago.
There are three kinds of traffic exchange (TE) users.
Which one are you?
1) The Dabbler: Discovers traffic exchanges. Gets excited. But then lacks the commitment to learn how to use them properly and loses interest.
2) The Pro: Discovers traffic exchanges. Gets excited.
Works hard to master the art of traffic generation and is soon happily funneling traffic to their business.
3) The Future TE Owner: Discovers traffic exchanges. Gets excited. Works hard to master the art of traffic generation and is soon happily funneling traffic to their business.
But, before long, you start noticing things wrong with some of the TE programs you're using and think. "I could do a better job of this if I owned my own TE."

So I purchased the script for DWSEarner...

ABC4Income and Maree Designs Scripts I purchased Via A New Zealand Programmer..

My Costs Monthly for the hosting of these three Scripts Is well worth the investment.

DID You KNOW? Any Tom Dick or Harry could purchase a Script..

Now there are thousands of new sites launching Monthly..

Many will disappear in a few short months, taking all there members hard earned cash with them.

You need to invest in keeping your site updated, buying plugins and paying for the Monthly Hosting. Many Admin simply run out of funds.. Not budgeting for the costs in the future.

ALWAYS do a GOOGLE Search Before joining any New PROGRAM.

At the End of Each Year.    I review the sites I am With.  

Years Ago.. I was shocked How Many Sites I upgraded With.

To Find they have long GONE. 

Is this happening To YOU>

Now Year In Year Out.. This is the PLAN I RECOMMEND TO Follow.