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Our Communication Daily Work Station.


One Lucky winner of 1 Banner Add with 5000 traffic views daily.


SFI Training porthole. I share random SFI new members with all our team.


Surf N Win! 1 lucky winner daily of cash and advertising.

  Register to receive my boot camp training series.


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  Daily I Start with checking all my emails, sending all unknown emails to my spam folder.  I reply to all emails welcome all new members.

How to set up G Mail.  V1   https://youtu.be/bdzC1ZDtNt4  V2  https://youtu.be/JFxgLZeq42I

DWSEarner check the  Live Surf Chat bar for updates.

Surf and Redeem cash loaded in the Prize Boxes, Play Games Refer and earn from your team that duplicate the same system. Not at JUST One but at all the down line builder programs if your referrals decide to upgrade. Win Win Situation.

Before logging out redeem your surfer rewards. Click above Surf > Surfer Rewards.

Check all emails for random codes for Fab Prize Giveaways. Click Surf > Redeem code.

Be sure to join a surf team. In to win cash weekly.  Click Surf > Team Surfing.

  Do not suffer the shiny object syndrome!

Do not be lured away from other members sites they will introduce you to via emails.

You will find with following our cross promo surfing requirements, it will take a few hours daily.





Every Monday  I surf at Click Voyager for double Credits.

Before logging out of Click Voyager be sure to click at the left Games and Contests.
Click above CV Slots to play. Click above and CV League to trade points into Advertising.
Click the prize box at DWSEarner when you see it for Cash Monday Winnings. 

I check into my Face Book Groups. Adding updates for the week.

I then go and surf at Bucket of banners. I allocate credits at both sites to DWSEarner.

View more details here.


Keep an eye out for when I randomly activate at DWSEarner. Cash Monday!

Click the banner and weekly review my U Tube Channel. Giving the page a like.

NEW  Community Kiwi talk U Tube Channel. View all new videos I am designing of my screen when doing daily tasks.  Be sure to give the page a like. Click where it reads VIDEO>


I check my Easy Hits for you account. Accepting connection requests.

I check my sites have credits assigned to them. We use these credits to advertise DWSEarner and our SFI And Bitcoin Club Splash Pages throughout Easy Hits 4 U. 


I log into the Down line builder Program at Traffic Marketer Pro.

Clicking each blue link to review my advertising I have set up on Auto Pilot at these sites.
I allocate all the credits I receive with being upgraded, and receive with my team surfing.

I check my adds have credits assigned at DWSEarner.
Click above Ads >> Go through each link checking and updating.
REMEMBER to have credits added to your mini branders and Promo Wall Link.
All members links are promoted FREE throughout my Dollar Wise Network.
Click Affiliates then Affiliate Tool Box to generate your Promo Wall link.
This is an easy way to earn referrals at DWS Earner while promoting your sites at the same time! Your Promo Wall will show one site and one banner that you have at DWSEarner with credits assigned to them.

I check my new signups at DWSEarner and send them welcome emails.

I click Affiliates >> Referrals.  I go through the list transferring credits to members that are participating.  YOU will also find your commission report link here.

I click accounts >> Private messages checking my inbox and replying to members inquiries.

I click Surf Above then Team Surf. Viewing my results.

Here is also where you will find the links to enter any Promo Codes included in my emails.

  Lock in your Upgrades at Our Bitcoin Store.

Select Your Upgrade! 

YOU may request to use your ORU My funds to Pay for Subscriptions.

Pay at Maree's Bitcoin Store Payment Wallet.


How you Ask? Log into Block Chain. Click at the left Bitcoin. Above click send.

Copy and paste the bitcoin wallet address.

Select the package and enter the US dollar Value. Click Send. 

YOU must send an email to mb5681@gmail.com to activate subscription.
Including the Sites user name Plus Which Bitcoin Upgraded Package you have locked into.

Traffic Marketer Pro! View upgrades within the back office.

Use the Coin payment Tabs. 


View the Offer to Join our Bitcoin Club. Fast Track it or Step Ladder Climb it.
One time Fee Life time Income.  Send $68.00 To our Bitcoin Store Wallet.

Maree Designs.

MDSalesRep!      $15.00 Monthly        20% Commissions
MDSRAchiever!  $29.95 Monthly        30% Commissions
MDKickStart!     $158 Yearly.            40% Commissions
MDLeader!       $297 Yearly             50% Commissions
MDLifetime!    $497 Life time.         60% Commissions  

NO Bitcoin Activate MD Life Time For One Year With THIS Premium Gig at the Fiverr Store.


ABCBChain!               $15.00 Monthly            20% Commissions
ABCBChainPremium!  $148 Yearly.                40% Commissions
ABCLifetime!            $497 Life time.             50% Commissions  
Not available within the Back Office. Life Time Upgrade done Manually. 

Credit Boost Package. Send Payment to Bit Coin Wallet.

Send in a support ticket on where you would like to allocate the credits. 

Traffic Marketer Pro.  DWSEarner.  ABC4Income Maree Designs.

5000 Credits.  $20.00     20,000 Credits  $35.00

Do Not Be Lured Away by Emails full of Hype and False Promises.

Do Not Believe everything you see when surfing.

Make this a Year Long Project.. Following Our Daily Schedule.

Join our Bitcoin Club at Traffic Marketer Pro.

Fast Track it, Step Ladder Climb it. Click the link at the left Traffic Marketer Pro to view Videos and instructions on how to activate.


I spent thousands of dollars investing and setting up my Advertising Porthole. 

The beauty is I have done all the donkey work for you. Researching and recommending the best programs to follow. 

My loss is your gain.  A Lot of sites turned out to be a waste of time.

That is why you will not see them listed in my down line builder programs.

Always do a Google Search before joining any new programs. This will avoid you wasting your money.

When I first started out I had grabbed lifetime or yearly upgrades with around 30 different sites that have shut their doors never to be heard from again.

EVERY Few Days log into each site and check your Advertisements are active and have credits assigned.






Tuesday and Wednesday.
I am upgraded at all the sites you see listed in the down line builder program at DWSEarner.  Each site offers down line communications.

I work from the down line builder page for quick access. I login, sending communication updates to all my down line at all the sites you see listed  GDI Traffic Wave Etc.
I write a new post at my DWSEarner Social Page.

Checking also if my profile page needs updating.
How to activate your page. Log into DWSEarner Click Above Account >> Social Page.

Return and repeat clicking Profile Page Settings.

View my pages as  example's to duplicate.

Listen to the video on how to communicate with your down line.


Check your Email to see who were the Weekly Admin Watch Winners and my News Updates.

Click Reply to redeem any winnings. This ensures members are communicating.

Check to see if Wednesday Win Fall is activated. This is when I load the prize box with Dollars.

I log into Oru and Webtalk every few days and do a quick post.


Click Oru Social enter in the search bar Maree Wells and request to be a friend.

View my pages and duplicate business branding.

Give my Group Dollarwise a 5 * Like and request to join.


Click the follow tab and view my posts with updates daily.


Every Weekend I activate Surfer Frenzy at DWSEarner.

Faster Surfing, double credits, plus I load the prize box with cash giveaways.
Check all emails for Admin watch winners lists weekly.
Social Media is a great Free Way to generate Sign ups.
Daily I spend half an hour checking requests. Sending posts away.
If you have any spare time then do some connecting.
I  spend every Saturday And Sunday writing articles and connecting with members.


Email Marketing Social Media Set up.       https://youtu.be/CepLh4k_Eaw

View some of the articles I have written at IBO. Great ideas to design yours.

On line Guru's. Affiliate Marketing Plan. Leveraging your in...

Setting up your IBO Social Media to use as Blog.

Join Us! Santa Club At Facebook.

Maree Designs Store Launch. November 24th 2016

GDI Proven and Paying Me Since 2009


View some of my interesting articles I have written at ApSense.






I promote these links in rotation at Apsense.

I invest $10 Weekly to run my SFI adds for the full week. Here is an example.

SFI September Giveaways.

Working from home since 2013.. SFI September Giveaways. Team leader shares signups.

I use GDI to design all my training pages you see..



NEW share your GDI website links at Web Talk Daily.

Every Thursday I check new members at GDI and reassign them to active team leaders.
I review my pages I have designed using GDI as the domain provider.

I then go and check my blog and update articles when needed.


Once a week I log into Traffic Wave.

Here is where you can gain Back Office access your own Reference Library. 


Register free to receive My boot camp training.  Wipe the slate clean.
Set up a new G Mail address then register, making sure you never miss any important updates.
Do not use this new G Mail address for anything else apart from receiving my updates.


As you receive the articles duplicate them designing your Campaign at Traffic Wave.

SFI Campaign Series      Log into Traffic Wave and Duplicate My Training articles I have designed.

SFI                 Autoresponder ID Number:       336602     5 digit code: 17848 

DWSEarner  Autoresponder  ID Number:       386957     5 digit code: 53442

I check my campaigns and see if any articles need updating.
I weekly send a News Letter updating my weekly activities. So check your emails.
Every Thursday click and view my social media updates at Twitter, Facebook, U Tube and LinkedIn.
I check and design new pages for New Members.
I check my IBO Profile Page, adding any new video's and writing new articles to share.


Verified MemberLoyal MemberProactive MemberTrusted Member

Social Media Networking.

All it takes is 15 minutes daily to quickly Log In to Our Social Media Sites and Share your POST & Accept connections..

This is how I have built my team connections at LinkedIn to over 10,000 in 2019. Growing larger day by day.

LinkedIn is not an affiliate program.  Click the banner and duplicate my profile you see.

Personally by the time I do all these tasks daily.  My day is nearly over. Repeat Repeat Repeat.

March Results 2019.  633 connections, 27 recommendations, 2,947 honor points.
I Joined AP Sense August 24th, 2011, It is a great social media platform.

Simply refer 5 new members monthly and receive a FREE UPGRADE. Unheard of else where.

When writing articles at Ap Sense you need 20 Credits to generate the article.

Daily post I send.
Morning all. In To win with Admin Watch at DWSEarner. Join us today.

Online since 2015. Need I say more.

One stop communication work station.
Click add link then copy and paste your DWSEarner Gateway link.

Check out these results. March 2019.
Total Members: 632,402
Total Page views: 127,717,110

Business Branding Duplicate my page.

Every few days I log into my page then use the twitter icon to share my news.
I share to LinkedIn. Adding this post. I then share it to be posted at Ap Sense.

View in more detail the Daily Plan Of attack Articles you will find listed below.


Duplicate and start designing some training articles to share with your referrals.

Here are some of  my  Text Examples  I POST DAILY. Adding my SFI & DWSEarner Links.

Newbie A-Z Business in a box.
Online Guru shares back office access to her training video's with articles on how to start your affiliate marketing journey. TODAY.  Earn Bitcoin commissions for referrals and participation.

Face book mentoring.View my badges, all the proof needed for online success.Huge earning potential.

Members asked so I designed this social media package at my ECA Store.


If with SFI this is the plan I follow Daily.  http://www.kiwitalk.ws/DailyToDo

  Try and get into the daily habit of doing the TASKS ABOVE FIRST>

Do not go flicking here there and everywhere it search of that quick dollar.  You want to progress forward not being in the same position in a years time. Imagine the growth you could develop if you stick to the same plan day in day out. THIS is the key to my success.

  Oru will be my next success story, as I am in at the beginning. Using Oru Social.


Daily Bitcoin Generator. There is no upgrade so I invest Monthly Bitcoin Here.

All it takes is a few minutes to log in hourly. Rolling and Winning.

Million leads for Free. 






I have been using Million Leads for Free for years, to promote my ads out to 5,000 prospects on a daily basis. Log in daily view 10 adds, then send your message away.


Follow the steps to White list All SFI and My Email Notifications.

Find your important emails.  THEN rinse wash repeat white listing all your project email addresses.

If you do not see the verification email check your spam folder and move it to your Inbox.

Open your Inbox Click the link at the left.  If you do not find the email.

Check your Spam or Junk Email Folder and find our message there.
Click "Report Not Spam" Button. NOW return to your In Box.

Hover your mouse over the email. A Box will appear. 

Click the link add to contacts.

  Welcome to DWSEarner.  Our one stop communication work station.

$500 or More weekly.  Don't think its possible? 

You either have the wrong business or... It's a good day to expand your vision!

Sure - it will take some work. Are you up for the challenge

Click the Banner Above and lock into our Dollar Wise Club TODAY.

  Listen to the video.  Introduction to Our Dollar Wise Network.


   Set up your DWSEarner Work Station the right way.



  What is Affiliate Marketing.             https://youtu.be/ipwsL4vSzHE

New Here!  Your first task is to set up your DWSEarner Network. Listen to the video's above.

Do not continue on until this is completed.

WHY because the links when clicked will take you into YOUR BACK OFFICE at these sites.

This is how our members leverage their income as new members duplicate the same system.

They are signing up via there sponsors link. Earning Income.

  Before working from this Page.

Make sure to log into Maree Designs and DWSEarner, signing up to the down line builder programs.

This way when you start working from this page daily, you will be logging into your back office with each individual program. Quick and Easy. I work from this page daily.





*   You sell products via any of our sites you earn.
*  Your down line sell products via any of our sites you earn.

*  You buy products via any of our sites you earn.

*  Your downline buys products via any of our sites you earn.

*  Your invest with any of our DLBuilder sites. YOU Earn. 

*  Down line duplicate the same system. YOU Earn.

*  No time to surf check out my Fiverr Gigs.

Cash back rewards from all client purchases.