Building Bitcoin


One last step!

Time Remaining: 3571 seconds.

Bitcoin Deposit Instructions! It shows the amount of bitcoin plus the stores Bitcoin wallet address.

Please send the following amount of bitcoins to the address indicated.
0.00299072 BTC

1 - This transaction must be completed within 180 minutes

If your Bitcoin deposit is not sent within 180 minutes, the transaction will expire and be canceled within your account. Deposits made after your transaction expires will not be honored.

2 - Bitcoin addresses provided for deposits are one-time use only

As of March 2018 Payza has made Changes. The American Government will no longer allow Americans to activate Payza Accounts. Their laws are becoming more strict with any thing related to affiliate marketing.

Just like PayPal no longer allow any Affiliate program to use them.

You may still purchase via any Stores with clicking the Payza Button then selecting to pay as a Guest with Bitcoin.

Once you have joined PayZa You can access your Payza account at

I love the fact that now members can pay as a guest with bitcoin.

With living in New Zealand I use Coin Mama to buy BIT COIN.

BUT if in America I recommend to buy at Coin Base as you may also sell bitcoin sending funds to your bank account.
Invite a friend who buys or sells $100 of digital currency or more at Coin Base, and you'll both earn $10 of free bitcoin!

How to pay for subscriptions at Maree Designs With No PayZa Account. Using bitcoin and paying as a guest.


  Maree Designs is a registered business with Payza.

Signup to Payza if outside the US.

Maree Designs has been a registered business with the New Zealand Government for over 25 Years.

In the days of old before the internet, I use to pay a fortune monthly in Shop Expenses, TV and Magazine advertising. In 2009 I simply transferred my business plan online. Discovering the wonders of affiliate marketing.

Joining my very first Affiliate Program GDI in 2009, then SFI and Traffic Wave in 2013. Reinvesting my commissions launching my Dollar Wise Blue Print. Buying scripts for my Network Family of Sites.

Log into your Payza Account.

At the left under the Payza Logo. YOU will seen your name listed. CLICK IT>

Go through each link. Be sure to check your Personal Information.

Be sure to set up your Transaction Pin then write it down somewhere and keep it safe. NEVER SHARE IT.

CLICK Set up Security Settings. Manage Your Login Process Security

To help you protect your Payza account, we offer a customizable Avatar with a welcome message.

You also get three levels of security to choose from.

You can increase or relax your security as needed by selecting higher or lower levels.

Setup your advanced security settings in three easy steps.

Secure your account with two-factor authentication for ultimate security.

When you select this level, you will be required to enter a verification code using your smartphone on every login attempt, even when you log in from a recognized device.

Click at the Left Wallet >Cryptocurrency Address Manager

  • The Cryptocurrency Address Manager lets you generate Bitcoin addresses for your Payza Account.
  • Use the addresses and QR codes to receive Bitcoin and Altcoins from other cryptocurrency wallets.
  • Manage up to 50 cryptocurrency addresses at a time.
  • Use the search bar to easily find wallet addresses for different currencies.
  • Altcoin wallet addresses coming soon.

Currency Make sure it shows Bitcoin. Click the V Drop down box.  AT the right CLICK The GREEN BOX Generate new address.

Here is where you also click to set up Credit Cards and Bank Account Details. Follow the instructions.

Click at the left Accounts. Study each Link.


Verify Your Payza Account with clicking Requested Documents.

Be sure to click business and read the terms of service.

You can view what documents we have requested under the ‘Awaiting Submission’ tab. Simply scan and upload the requested document(s) and one of our agents will review them. You can easily track the status of previously submitted documents under the ‘In Review’ and ‘Approved’ tabs.

Set aside one day to study clicking the Send Funds. Add Funds tab etc . Follow Instructions.

CLICK Withdraw funds! Then select which option you wish to use.

Click Bitcoin to send to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Same guide as with sending funds to Altcoin wallets.

Select Us Dollars from the drop down box.

Where it reads to altcoin select from the drop down box example Etherum.

Then enter amount in dollars you wish to send.

Where it reads to Altcoin address enter your Etherum wallet address here.

(Double Check as can not be altered once sent.)  Click Next and follow instructions.

Newbies find video and training on how to send Commissions at Payza to your Bit Coin Wallet.