I use the DWSEarner LFMTE Script to gather all my members from the numerous different on line programs I am with, to the Same Location.
I promote Members Mini Branders and Promo Wall links through out the Dollar Wise Network..
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Yes, support is critical, but lead generation is the life of your business.
Set your goals monthly and for the first year work towards achieving that goal.

Do Not Be Lured Away by Emails full of Hype and False Promises.

Do Not Believe everything you see when surfing.

Make this a Year Long Project.. Following Our Daily Planner.

Set up your Dollar Wise Network Before Beginning your online journey..
Log into Maree Designs and join all our Down line builder sales funnel generator sites.
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No matter what the universe throws at you.

We are the masters of our own destiny.
What I offer is all the knowledge I have gained over the past eight years.
As I joined the down line builder programs you see listed at Maree Designs I took advantage of their One Time Offers.

I have invested thousands of dollars over the years designing my blue print.

Join thousands of members that have been following the same plan, generating thousands of dollars over the years as they duplicate the same system year in year out.

I invest monthly over $150 NZ dollars to host my Dollar Wise Family of sites.
I invest around $200 per month with my standing orders for my advertising portholes, I use solely for promoting my Dollar Wise Network.

I spent over three years researching the internet on How To Generate A Real Income Working On Line. I have done all the donkey work for you.

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Our Dollar Wise Network Consists of 4 "Instant Commission" Traffic Resources!
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Daily Do Social Media Blasts!

2,939 followers - 45,677 views.  Google + is a great Free Platform to promote DWSEarner.

View My LinkeDIn Profile and duplicate. I use Linkedin instead of word press as my blog. Daily I send updates. Accepting connection requests etc. I have over 6500 Linkedin members following my Page.

I daily log into ApSense. Doing Posts writing new articles etc.

Here are a few examples.




I have been participating daily since 2011 FREE with Ibo


Before I finish my Day I update my Face Book Groups.

Request to join and add your input daily.



Step by step guide on how to set up Facebook.


It may seem boring and tedious but this is the key if you wish growth to occur in 2018.. 

Surfing Daily Assigning Credits to DWSEarner And Maree Designs.

Wash Rinse Repeat!  Most Important Promoting DWSEarner.



Please NOTE SFI Coin is a scam!  THEY are not part of SFI.    





  Daily Planner. 

I start each DAY Logging into DWSEarner and entering in the surf chat bar. Winners and all updates and News.

I multi task having the Bitcoin site OPEN in another browser windows, flicking over every hour to redeem my free bitcoin.
I click above rewards and activate the double bitcoin bonus when I achieve 320 points. I LEAVE THIS link open while I am working online.

Every Monday I have been surfing at Click Voyager since 2010, earning double credits. I also surf daily allocating Admin Watch Points when I see members promotions for DWSEarner.

I click Games at the left and play before moving on to another site.

Every Tuesday And Thursdays.. I surf at these sites if I see members promotions for DWSEarner I allocate Admin watch points.


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Monthly I work from this page..

I have listed here all the sites I have life time upgrades with. Do not upgrade at these sites before emailing me and asking for my review. 

Some of these sites I am only using as I have invested with them years ago.

I have seen many sites crash and burn over the years that I have invested with.  I have stopped locking into new launches as I find to many admin set up sites then forget about them a few months down the track. Then Launch a new site a few months later. I have seen to much of this repeated over the years.