The Plan


No matter what the universe throws at you.

We are the masters of our own destiny.

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What I offer is all the knowledge I  have gained over the past nine years.

Do not try to do everything within the first few weeks.

Internet Marketers! Smart Advertising Will = Better results => More money.

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The time consuming part is setting up your sales generating leads program.
The Plan is set up for you to follow developing your DAILY Marketing TO Do List.
To be a successful Internet Marketer, you need to wisely use your time & advertising budget or it will be like trying to run in quicksand.
So lets make GOOD things happen to YOU, starting now!


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I have invested thousands of dollars setting up my Dollar Wise Network investing in life time upgrades. I work on line surfing and promoting with all the sites you see listed in the five steps.  Without daily structure very little success will evolve.

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Step by step guide on how to set up Facebook.

It may seem boring and tedious but this is the key if you wish growth to occur in 2018.. Everyone dreams of owning their own business.
Normally you need $1000's in reserve to start.
Then you need to keep injecting more revenue to establish your business.
Business people all over the world will tell you.
 It takes normally three years to establish a business. Before you start to see any sort of returns.
I speak from experience.
I have been operating my own business in New Zealand Maree Designs for the past 25 years.

I daily log into Ap Sense. Doing Posts writing new articles etc.

Here are a few examples.

Do Not Be Lured Away by Emails full of Hype and False Promises.

Do Not Believe everything you see when surfing.

Make this a Year Long Project.. Following Our Daily Planner.

Monthly I Log in allocating credits.

I have listed here all the sites I have life time upgrades with. I started purchasing them way back in 2010.  I updated this page as sadly many programs I invested with have long gone.

Do not upgrade at these sites before emailing me and asking for my review. 

Some of these sites I am only using as I have invested with them years ago.

I have seen many sites crash and burn over the years that I have invested with. 

I have stopped locking into new launches as I find to many admin set up sites then forget about them a few months down the track. Then Launch a new site a few months later.

I have seen to much of this repeated over the years.



Please NOTE SFI Coin is a scam!  THEY are not part of SFI.    


*   Move to Step FOUR Once you have Completed Step THREE.

Instead of rushing out and joining lots of Bit Coin Sites.

I prefer instead to Daily participate with SFI playing games.  Earning rewardicals for all my actions. Which can be redeemed into bitcoin or VP.

View all individual SFI training pages here.

I multi task having the Bitcoin site OPEN in another browser windows, flicking over every hour to redeem my free bitcoin.

There is no upgrade here. I invest bitcoin over to Free Account from my bitcoin wallet monthly. Earning interest with my investments.
I click above rewards and activate the double bitcoin bonus when I achieve 320 points.


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  How TO Use our sales funnel generator down line builder Program!

The key is to select one to three programs to promote at all these sites. Do not spread your wings to far to soon. GENERATE credits at all these sites to blast your Main Core Business to begin with.

On average it takes individuals 3-5 views before they make the decision to sign up.

Mini Five Step Course to Online Success.

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*   Daily Surf N Redeem Great Fab Prize Giveaways..
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*  Surf daily and redeeming surfer rewards before logging out.

*  Set up your advertising campaigns.

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*   Move to Step Two Once you have Completed Step ONE.
*   Duplicate all my Social Media Posts.
*  Daily blast your posts for your Main Business.

*  Check your profile pages are up to date.

*  Daily log in and accept all new connection requests.

*  Apsense refer 5 in any month and receive Free Upgrade.

*   Move to Step THREE Once you have Completed Step TWO.

Fact. 1000's of new sites launch daily.
Only a few will still be on line in six months time.
Each exchange has different down line builders.
When checking ONLY enter the ID's for the sites listed at Maree Designs Down line builder program. 

Click Voyager surf every Monday for double credits.

I grabbed my lifetime upgrade here in 2010. View how to set up your Splash pages at the bottom of this page.

Every Tues and Thurs I surf at Banner of bucks and Social surf 4 U.

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Cash Back Rewards. Maree Designs is a Registered Business in New Zealand.

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*   These sites use only when you have completed your Daily to do tasks above and are looking for other advertising portholes.

Safe list sites always sign up with a second G Mail account.

This way you are not cluttering your main account.

Some sites you can change to view emails inside the back office.

I simply log in every few days sending my email away.

YOU also at some sites receive rewards for team participation.

  I log in daily and work from this page.

I have invested thousands of dollars designing A Unique Script At DWSEarner.
Check our the unique plugs in + how to set up your DWSEarner Network to start your online journey today. Log into DWSEarner Click Accounts Down line builder following the plan.

  Set aside one day to listen to these videos!

  How to set up advertising at DWSEarner Using SFI as an example!

I paid to have this video designed in 2015. So always check my updates before joining any programs.