* Convert commissions into advertising, Jackpot tokens, or TMP Bitcoin Club.  🌹🌸

How you ask. Click Above Ads > Scroll down and click Buy Credits.

View the different conversion packages on offer.

Top Surfers.  New Link Activated on the 15th of each month.


Click Surf then click Surf Team.

Click Info to see the rules.  Click rewards to view what winning teams win weekly.

Check all emails to see if you are a winner.  Click Reply to Redeem all winnings.

Okay so you have joined DWSEarner!   WHAT to do next?

Lock in your traffic views to activate Admin Watch Fab Prize Cash Back Rewards to be paid to Members Bitcoin Or Ether Wallets. When surfing remember to redeem cash when the prize box shows.

Check emails daily for your new training session.

All premium gigs activate Leader ship Club Entry. + One Santa Club Gift Card.


  Receive 100 Admin Watch Points for every $10.00 spent at any of Admin's Outlets Or spending at any of our Down line builder Programs.




Click the SFI tool box Icon to see what rewards you receive with Triple Click purchases. 

You also earn from all your SFI down line purchases. Share my ECA Package.


  Surf Team Leaders enter the Promo Code SurfLeader.

One random  team leader will be drawn to win monthly $5.00 The system randomly draws ticket winners.

Request to join a surf team. Check surf chat bar for leaders invites.

View training video's and instructions in the back office at Maree Designs.

Receive 100 A W Points for every new site when you register  and join at our Down line builder program listed at Maree Designs. Send in a support ticket or email to redeem.

Check our Santa Club Facebook often for random promo codes with Fab Prize Giveaways.


YOU have 48 hours to redeem any prizes before offer expires.

I use the LFMTE Script at Dollarwise to list your Santa Gift Cards on your commissions report.

Check email around the 15th of December to receive the Gift Card Cash paid to your Bitcoin Wallet.

This is how I encourage all our members to start checking their emails, working with communicating. Members must reply to all emails if they are a winner.

Around the 15th of each month check your emails! At the beginning of each week check your emails. Be happily surprised when you see your name listed. Click Reply to Redeem.

Click Voyager!  Redeem prizes when you have surfed 50 Pages.
Click at the left Games and Contests. Click above CV Slots. Spin to win.
Click above CV League at the bottom of the page trade points into advertising.

Infinity traffic booster! surf daily to redeem Surfer Rewards. Receive huge bitcoin bonuses with receiving pass ups and surfers rewards.

Traffic G!  Check at the right daily before surfing to see if you are a winner. If you name is listed you need to click to redeem.

Facebook! Check into our groups often for fab prize giveaways.

APSense! Redeem Tickets at the right.

IBO!  Set up your profile Page listing videos etc. Duplicate my page. Then list this link as your blog.

Keep updated with viewing my new blog articles.     https://dollarwiseblog.blogspot.com

Set your tasks over the next year to view my individual Fiverr Gigs. Building your reference library.

GDI is my domain provider. Struggling to design your online working from home opportunity.

Lock in the gig for all your designing requirements.


Check your Emails Daily for all news and winner lists. Be sure to click reply to redeem any winnings.  Make sure your inbox is tidy sending all unwanted emails to your spam folder. JOIN any Safe lists with a second G Mail Account. Keeping your main inbox clean. REMEMBER communication is the life line of any business.

One lucky winner daily at Maree Designs of a Banner Add with 5000 views.

One Lucky winner daily at Traffic Marketer Pro for surfing. Instant winner email sent.

I am upgraded with all these sites listed.  I started to build my upgrades in 2013. Investing thousands in lifetime upgrades, One Time Offers, Auto Renewal subscription with SFI.

Start joining all the down line builder programs to  promote DWSEarner, Maree Designs, ABC4Income, Traffic Marketer Pro Promotions.

Learn how to leverage your income. A-Z Comprehensive Private Club Course. Receiving daily emails with new lessons. One Time Payment life time cash back rewards.


These are the sites you can Earn Admin watch Points with.

Start with redeeming 100 Admin Watch Points with signing up FREE.

Record all your spending throughout the month.  Then send me an email with your spending report list.


SFI Spending.  Fiverr store Spending.  ECA Store Spending. 
Converted commissions at DWSEarner.

Coin Payment spending at T M Pro. Bitcoin spending with upgrades sent to club wallet.

Infinity Traffic Booster . Click Voyager. GDI. Traffic Wave.

Not a member with these sites.

Be sure to sign up at Maree Designs from your DWSEarner Sponsor Links.

Maree Wells New Zealand. A-Z Training Online School For Affiliates. Dollar Wise Network. (Established 2009)





Power of three is a program I designed years ago. Incorporating Maree Designs GDI and Traffic Wave Team Building.

I offer to design all our Teams GDI Power Of Three Pages FREE.


View The estimate chart to give you an idea of Future Planning With the refer 5 Monthly Program.
For Promoting Our Power Of Three Program.  Using Traffic Exchanges, safe lists, social media etc.
Start Training 5 members then these 5 members train 5 in their down line. So on and So on.
Generating Numerous Different Income Resources as your team duplicate the same system.

Signing up to our down line builder programs. Making this a year long project.